20 Quick Dessert Recipes for an Easy Treat


You know that feeling at the end of the day, where the only thing that’ll make your Netflix binge session even better is a treat to top it all off? Chances are, we’ve all got a bag of sugar, flour, and chocolate chips in our pantries—the only question is, “What more can I do with this?” From five-ingredient-or-fewer recipes to no-bake desserts, there are a ton of quick dessert recipes you can whip up with items you most likely already have.

When the ice cream in the freezer just won’t do and you’re feeling a stroke of creative genius, try out these quick dessert recipes to satisfy that “I need a little something sweet” craving. Hey, maybe one of these will be your next go-to dessert recipe! 






Source: Budget Bytes


Source: Jo Cooks


Source: Sugar Spun Run








lemon cookies

Source: Jo Cooks



chocolate mousse

Source: The Clever Meal



Source: Jo Cooks


Source: A Classic Twist


Source: A Classic Twist


15 Single-Serving Desserts for When You Just Need a Lil Treat

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