24 Canned Wines & Wine In A Can That Actually Taste Good


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Nothing pairs better with a warm day than a cold glass of wine. But sometimes, cracking open a fresh bottle simply isn’t feasible. When you’re picnicking in the park or boating on the lake, no one wants to tote around a hefty glass bottle. And if all you want is a taste of wine, opening a full bottle feels like a waste. Thankfully, sipping wine doesn’t have to involve tradeoffs. You just have to stock up on the best canned wines you can find.

Canned wine is exactly what it sounds like: It’s wine in a can, andit marries the delicious taste of wine with the convenience of your favorite canned beverages. While a classic bottle of wine weighs 2.65 lbs and holds 750 milliliters of wine, a can of wine weighs about 0.8 lbs and holds 375 milliliters. That takes your consumption from five glasses to 2.5 glasses—making it reasonable to crack open some wine, even when you’re flying solo. It also makes carrying wine on-the-go a whole lot easier.

The best thing about wine in a can? It genuinely tastes good. Well, it can taste good if you buy the right stuff. You shouldn’t expect your canned wine to transport you to a tasting room in Burgundy. And you shouldn’t try to age it in your cellar. (Most experts recommend drinking it within 6 to 12 months.) But you can rely on it for a good time. If you want a patio pounder you can drink in one afternoon, canned wine fits the bill. The key is to find a few canned wines you love, and to keep your fridge stocked with them.

To help you navigate your wine in a can journey, here are some of the best canned wines around the world. We asked sommeliers to share the canned wines they love—and we threw in a few favorites of our own.

Maker Best-Sellers Mixed Pack

Maker’s canned wines came recommended by two of the somms we talked to. “Their wines are not only fun and approachable, but they are also made by incredible winemakers in great regions,” certified sommelier Melissa Smith says. And certified sommelier Brianne Cohen agrees: “Their wines are some of the best in a can that I have tasted.”

Smith recommends the canned pinot noir and canned pinot gris, in particular. But we prefer the Maker Best-Sellers Mixed Pack. The variety pack will give you a taste of a few Maker favorites—including a rosé, a sparkling sauvignon blanc and that aforementioned pinot noir.

Old Westminster Seeds & Skins

Orange wine is one of our favorite things to drink in warm weather, so we were smitten the moment we spotted Old Westminster’s Seeds & Skins. Orange wine is white wine that’s been fermented on the grape skins, so it takes on some funk and flavor you won’t find in traditional whites. Sommelier Coly Den Haan calls this orange wine “outrageously delicious with a little fizz on top.” Expect it to taste fruity, citrusy and funky all at once.

Underwood Rosé Bubbles

Sommelier Erica Taylor has done a bunch of canned wine comparisons and Underwood’s Rosé Bubbles impresses every time. “Overall, the best of the best would be the Rosé Bubbles from Underwood,” Taylor says. “[It has] beautiful floral and strawberry aromas with just the right amount of fizz—10/10 would sip again!” If you’re not a sparkling rosé fan, Underwood’s The Bubbles is a sparkling white that’s just as tasty—and definitely worth the sip.

Ferdinand Albariño

Ferdinand’s Albariño originally comes in a bottle, but people love drinking it from a can. “This canned wine captures the essence of the Albariño grape’s flavors, with notes of limestone, orange and lemon zest, [and] delicate minerality,” sommelier Laura Raimondi says. The refreshing white wine is a perfect sipper in any outdoor setting. And Raimondi loves that it “maintains the sophisticated taste and quality of a bottled wine”—despite coming in a can.

Scarpetta Frico Lambrusco

Lambrusco doesn’t take itself too seriously, so it’s the perfect thing to drink from a can. This Scarpetta Frico Lambrusco is rich, juicy and just a little bit tart. And it’s quickly become a fan favorite. So crack open the sparkling red wine while snacking on charcuterie, or serve it alongside a piping hot pizza. Just remember to pop the wine in the fridge first—Lambrusco is best served chilled.

Avaline Rosé

Avaline’s Rosé has one of the most alluring labels we’ve seen. And it’s also a great rosé. “The wine exhibits bright and refreshing notes of fresh red berries, melon, and a touch of citrus,” certified sommelier Mark Fang says. “It’s a great wine for warm, sunny days or casual outdoor gatherings.” Got a backyard barbecue coming up? These cute rosé cans are the perfect thing to serve.

Las Jaras Waves White Wine

We’ve heard great things about Las Jaras’ Waves canned wines. The wines are available in a few iterations: There’s a zippy white, a fruity rosé and a juicy red. And all of them sound mouth-wateringly good. Las Jaras is also responsible for one of our favorite bottled patio pounders (Glou Glou), so we trust them to deliver a canned wine that’s just as delicious.

House Wine Pinot Noir

Red wine in a can is hard to get right. But House Wine’s Pinot Noir has impressed in many of Taylor’s canned wine tastings. “[Canned red wine] is a difficult category … but House Wine’s Pinot Noir [comes] out on top,” the certified sommelier says. The red wine is packed with juicy fruit and silky texture. And if you smell carefully, you can spot notes of chocolate, cloves and sweet brown sugar.

Underwood Pinot Gris

If you’re looking for an easy-drinking white wine, you can’t go wrong with Underwood’s Pinot Gris. “Underwood’s Pinot Gris is the most refreshing, crisp, and bright canned white wine I’ve had,” sommelier Brooke Gerstein says. The wine is tasty, budget-friendly and easy to find. And it makes a perfect addition to any hot day. “If you’re in the mood for wine with a meal, add this to your picnic basket, or [bring it to] the beach,” Gerstein adds.

Sipwell The Signature Box

Sipwell’s canned wines are some of the best around. “All the grapes for the wines are sustainably farmed, and all [the wines are] delicious,” Cohen says. “Sparkling wine lovers rejoice, as they make a regular sparkling white, a sparkling rosé and a sparkling red.” The Signature Box will give you everything you need to start sipping. But if you want more control, you can also hand-pick your favorites with Sipwell’s Build Your Own Wine Pack.

Château Maris Rosé

This Château Maris canned rosé is a fan favorite—and it’s not hard to see why. The chuggable rosé is filled with fruity flavors, like fresh citrus, crisp melon and juicy passionfruit. And since it’s easy to pair with everything from charcuterie to seafood, it’s the perfect canned wine to keep in your fridge during sipping season.

Archer Roose Malbec

Searching for a juicy red you can sip from a can? Archer Roose’s Malbec doesn’t disappoint. “Archer Roose did an amazing job with their Malbec,” Gerstein says. “Malbec is generally quite rich, [and] this wine [is] very fruit-forward.” To balance out all that juice, Gerstein recommends serving the wine “a bit cooler than you’re used to.” The wine will go down easier—but it’ll still pack a punch.

Ramona Ruby Grapefruit Wine Spritz

There’s nothing wrong with switching things up and trying a spritz. And Ramona’s is widely regarded as the best in town. Each can contains sparkling wine blended with other fresh flavors, like organic fruit juice and fragrant botanicals. We’d recommend starting with the widely beloved Ruby Grapefruit Wine Spritz
—but the zippy Meyer Lemon Wine Spritz
also looks tempting.

Canetta Vin Blanc & Vin Rouge

Den Haan calls Canetta’s canned wines “small but mighty”—and we couldn’t agree more. “These [cans] are packed with juice that’s surprisingly elegant and delicate for a wine that can fit in your pocket,” the certified sommelier says. Den Haan specifically recommends the brand’s refreshing white and juicy red. And we like the Vin Blanc & Vin Rouge 8-pack because it makes it easy to try both.

Companion Wine Co. Skin Contact

Companion Wine Co’s canned wines sell out fast, so they’re worth snatching up when you find them. This Skin Contact Pinot Gris ticks all of our boxes: It’s fresh, funky and fruity enough to sip in the sun. And we can’t wait to get our hands on the brand’s Arroyo Seco Riesling, a semi-sweet riesling that’s perfect for outdoor imbibing.

The Austin Winery Pink Salt Rosé

There’s nothing ordinary about this Austin Winery Pink Salt Rosé. The rosé blend contains an array of different grapes—like refreshing albariño, zippy picpoul, and Texas-grown garnacha. And sommelier Max Glenn loves it, calling it “ever-cool, uber-chuggable, crushable, and different.”

Lubanzi Red Blend

Lubanzi sources its grapes from South Africa, and its canned wines are packed with flavor. Fans of fizz can enjoy Lubanzi’s sparkling rosé. Wine connoisseurs can nerd out on the canned Chenin Blanc. And red wine drinkers can savor the brand’s Rhone-style blend, a canned red wine that pairs dark fruit with dynamic flavors, like smoke and herbs.

Brick & Mortar Rosé Bubbles

When stocking up on canned wines, certified sommelier Elyse Lovenworth looks for sparklers. “The carbonation is maintained beautifully in cans, and it’s always a refreshing treat,” she says. One of her favorites? Brick & Mortar’s Rosé Bubbles. The wine is fermented using yeasts that are native to the vineyard, which is rare for canned wine. And most importantly, it’s a delicious sparkling rosé.

Pink River Rosé

Nomadica’s canned wines are ridiculously pretty. (Just looking at them will make your canned wine experience feel elevated.) And they taste as great as they look. Since the brand does low-intervention winemaking, you can expect haze, funk and minimal sugar. We recommend starting with their fan-favorite Pink River Rosé—or going all out with their canned wine Adventure Pack.

Underwood Pinot Noir

Underwood’s canned wines came recommended by several sommeliers. But Kathleen Bershad had a different favorite than the rest: the Underwood Pinot Noir
. “I love that you get all the wonderful qualities of pinot—its light body, violet and strawberry flavors, and earthy undertones—in such an unexpected package,” the sommelier says. “Cans also make it easier to serve this wine chilled, [creating] a delightfully refreshing red wine for a warm summer day.”

House Wine Rosé

After taste-testing a bunch of canned rosés, Taylor thinks House Wine’s Rosé is the best around. The pink wine is both fruity and refreshing. And since it’s off-dry, it’s great to serve at parties: It’s not too sweet for dry rosé fans, but it still has enough sugar to satiate a sweet tooth.

Larkan Napa Valley Red Wine

If you’re a Napa fan, Larkan’s canned wines should be at the top of your list. The wines come straight from Napa Valley’s Larkin Wines, and their rich flavors will transport you to the California countryside. The brand sells a refreshing white blend, an easy-drinking rosé and a juicy Merlot fit for fans of rich reds.

Djuce Wines Meinklang Fizzy Rosé

Meinklang makes some of our favorite wines, and this Djuce Wines Fizzy Rosé is no exception. Den Haan calls the sparkling rosé a “chuggable and lovable blood orange banger” with notes of lemon and green strawberry. The canned wine can be a little tough to find. But since it’s so unusual, it’s worth the extra effort.

Ah-So Navarra White Wine

Spanish wines are great warm-weather sippers. And Ah-So makes some of the best canned options around. Their wines include a refreshing white, a fruity rosé, a tasty red and a deliciously creamy sparkling wine. So there’s something for everyone—no matter who you’re drinking with.

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