3 Zodiac Signs Will Have the Best Week: May 8-14, 2023


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If you’ve been having trouble coping with the intensity of the current energies, don’t be discouraged. A whole new world awaits, and these three zodiac signs will have the best week of May 8 to May 14. The best part? Some of the year’s most uplifting astrology is yet to come, which also brings a huge *sigh* of relief when considering the emotional rollercoaster of this past eclipse season. You’re catching a break… and well, you deserve it!

First and foremost, Venus—planet of love, relationships and values—is officially swimming through Cancer and getting acclimated to its sentimental waters, where it prefers to go inward and reconnect with its innermost feelings. This brings a change of pace, especially when compared to Venus’ journey through thought-provoking Gemini. By all means, take this opportunity to indulge in some much-needed self care. The good news is, there are timely earth energies to work with this week, which can help bring you down to earth and solidify future plans in the process.

After Luna enters Capricorn on May 8—bringing emphasis to our foundational structures and long term goals—the sun will meet with Uranus in Taurus on May 9. This is most definitely a wildcard compared to other transits, but there’s an air of spontaneity and excitement that’ll make it worth your while. For reference, check where Taurus lives in your birth chart… and as always, expect the unexpected! On May 12, just two days before stationing direct, Mercury—the messenger planet—will harmonize with Saturn and Venus, making it an excellent day to check-in with yourself, and honoring your personal boundaries.

Venus will also meet with Saturn in Pisces in a stabilizing trine, and though the results of this synergy can be sobering, it’s the perfect opportunity to set some much-needed boundaries in your personal life. Fortunately, with Mercury stationing direct by the end of the week, you’ll have the words and strategy needed to move forward with confidence. Don’t undermine what comes up for review, as the last few days of Mercury retrograde are fully loaded with significant information… and at times, subliminal messaging.

If your sun sign and/or rising sign happens to fall under any of these zodiac signs, here’s why you’re being rewarded and supported this week:

These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have the Best Week

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When reflecting on your goals and dreams, what do you see? An unexpected desire to break free from an immediate environment (or thought process) could be top of mind at the start of the week, but don’t be fooled by your desire to venture into the unknown. You’re as confident as ever, and you’re well aware of your personal values.

Be it professionally or with regards to your sense of authority, you’re taking a stand that’s been long overdue. And though others might be caught off guard by this new version of you, that’s the least of your worries. Just days before stationing direct in your sign, Mercury will dance with your celestial ruler, Venus, and Saturn, which will continue to validate your inner knowing. Venus trine Saturn on May 13 encourages you to speak up, and approach things from a pragmatic standpoint.

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You’re not one to wear your emotions on your sleeve, but the ambience feels just right this week. For instance, in addition to the moon’s ingress into your sign at the start of the week, Venus will also be making herself comfortable in your relationship sector, which is charming and beneficial for your commitments and negotiations. The vibes are flowing, and you can’t deny the chemistry. Speaking of, the sun and Uranus will join forces in your sister-sign Taurus on May 9—bringing excitement and unconventionality—to your fifth house of love, passion and self-expression.

Whether creatively or in terms of romance, one thing’s for sure: your muse isn’t going anywhere! Luckily, before officially stationing direct, Mercury will dance with sweet Venus in your relationship sector, and your taskmaster ruler, Saturn, on May 12. This brings forth the stability and emotional synergy needed to take something to the next level. Venus’ trine to Saturn the following is just as reassuring when in regards to your emotional support system.

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Nothing wrong with a little networking! As a matter of fact, with the moon entering Capricorn (yout 11th house of community affairs) at the start of the week, you have the courage and vision to make your presence known. It gets better though, as the sun will join freedom-loving Uranus in your communication sector on May 9, presenting you with an unexpected change of plans, if not a digital opportunity to ground your talents, skills and abilities. 

You’re taking yourself seriously, and it’s because of the stability in your aura that everyone knows you mean business at this time. If you have an important message to relay, Mercury’s sextile to Saturn in your sign, and to Venus in your heart-centered fifth house of self-expression on May 12, is equally as harmonious as it is productive. Venus will also dance with Saturn in your sign the following day, reassuring and reminding you of your unique talents. You have everything it takes to make your dreams a reality. 

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