Air Canada Introducing Free Inflight Messaging


Air Canada is the latest airline to introduce free inflight messaging for passengers, which is an exciting development.

Aeroplan members receive free inflight messaging

Air Canada and Canadian telecommunications company Bell are teaming up to offer free inflight messaging for passengers on Air Canada, as part of a multi-year partnership. Here’s what passengers can expect:

  • This new service will be available as of May 15, 2023
  • This will be available worldwide throughout Air Canada’s fleet, including Air Canada Rouge and Air Canada Express flights
  • This will be available to all Air Canada Aeroplan members, as well as members of loyalty programs of strategic partner airlines, including United MileagePlus, Lufthansa Miles & More, and Emirates Skywards, when their accounts are linked to the booking
  • This will allow unlimited text-based messages through popular messaging apps, including Apple’s iMessage, Meta’s WhatsApp and Messenger, Rakuten’s Viber, and Messages by Google

This is a fantastic new development, and it’s great to see several global airlines adding free inflight messaging recently. For example, Etihad Airways and Turkish Airlines have made a similar announcement in the past few weeks.

Since the free messaging is tied to being a loyalty program member, I particularly appreciate how Air Canada is also including members of key partner programs. That’s a thoughtful feature, since it’s not something we’ve seen with other airlines that have added free inflight messaging.

Air Canada is introducing free inflight messaging

Air Canada & Bell offering free mobile SIM cards

There’s another cool aspect to the partnership between Air Canada and Bell, though as of now details are limited. Visitors to Canada will have an easy and immediate way to stay connected as they arrive in Canada. That’s because complimentary mobile SIM cards will be offered on select inbound international flights. This means that people can be connected as soon as they walk off the plane.

Admittedly nowadays there are all kinds of great international data plans, so this won’t have the widespread appeal that it may have had 10+ years ago. Still, this is a pretty cool feature.

Free SIM cards will be available on select flights

Bottom line

Air Canada is the latest airline to introduce free inflight messaging. Specifically, Aeroplan members and members of select partner loyalty programs will receive unlimited free inflight messaging on Air Canada flights worldwide. This is sponsored by Bell, and as part of this partnership, free SIM cards will also be available on select inbound international flights to Canada.

What do you make of Air Canada introducing free inflight messaging?

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