Anuel AA, Pique Comments On Shakira, Karol G Are Cruel


But both women’s exes weren’t happy about being exposed for the hurt they caused. In an interview about the fallout of his separation, Piqué slammed Shakira for airing dirty laundry in public and took digs at her by closing a deal with Casio, which Shakira referenced in “Bzrp Music Sessions #53” as a diss to the woman Piqué left her for. Similarly, Anuel AA initially mocked Karol G, saying that she was no Shakira and referring to himself as “unforgettable.” More recently, while Karol G has not once mentioned Anuel AA by name in her songs or performances, Anuel AA has directly and publicly named her in his concerts and Instagram posts, trying to get her attention through his influence as a musical artist. It is a tale as old as time.

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