Nixit’s Menstrual Cup Has Shoppers Ditching Tampons—Get It on Sale


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I’ve had plenty of friends rave about menstrual cups—they say it’s a lot less hassle (and money) than tampons. Place it and forget it seems to be their motto when it comes to using one daily, since many can be left in for up to 12 hours at a time. Sounds a lot better than frequently changing tampons or pads, right? While I’ve personally yet to hop on the bandwagon, I recently stumbled upon Nixit’s Menstrual Cup and began to contemplate the switch. 

From what I’ve gathered, Nixit’s design resembles more of a “disc,” in that it doesn’t use suction to stay in place and has a circular design. The brand made the cup to be as thin as possible for easy insertion and removal; plus, over 88 percent of customers say they can’t ever feel it during use. 

Nixit Menstrual Cup


Nixit Menstrual Cup

It provides full day and night coverage, and can hold up to four tampons worth of blood. The cup is also soft and flexible and made with 100 percent medical grade BPA-free silicone, and is free of chemicals or toxins that could contribute to disruptions. In addition, it can also be inserted ahead of sexual activity; nixit’s disc-style menstrual cup sits at the base of the cervix, leaving the canal open for penetration (toys, fingers, etc) and the clit mess-free, per the brand. It’s also safe to wear alongside an IUD. 

The Nixit product has racked up over 6,000 reviews from customers, many of which are “never going back” to tampons. “I’ve never had a leak moment or discomfort. I prefer Nixit over tampons and it’s more sustainable and non-toxic. Definitely worth trying if you’re on the fence,” wrote one shopper.

Nixit Lube Bundle


Nixit Lube Bundle

If you’re interested in giving the Nixit Cup a go, you can join me in scooping it within this on-sale bundle, which also features Nixit’s water-based personal lubricant for “smoother cup insertion and enhanced intimacy,” the Nixit Wipes for keeping your cup clean during traveling or on-the-go, and the Nixit Wash which helps thoroughly clean the cup after long period uses and freshens up down there. 

Considering the cup alone retailers for $42, it’s quite a steal to snag all of the above (including the menstrual cup) for just $72 right now.

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