Turkish Airlines To Order 600 Jets, Biggest Aircraft Order In History


Turkish Airlines is expected to place an aircraft order next month, which could be the biggest aircraft order ever placed by an airline.

Turkish Airlines plans to order 600 new aircraft

As reported by Reuters, Turkish Airlines Chairman Ahmet Bolat has today announced that the airline plans to place a major aircraft order in June 2023. Specifically, the airline intends to order 600 planes, including 400 narrow body jets and 200 wide body jets.

He expects all of these planes to be delivered by 2033, and hopes that at that point the airline will have a fleet of 810 aircraft. As a point of comparison, currently the airline has a fleet of around 435 aircraft.

Just a few weeks ago, Turkish Airlines revealed massive growth plans, as the airline wants to double in size in the coming decade. By 2033, the airline hopes to have annual revenue of $50 billion, fly to 269 destinations, and serve 170 million passengers annually.

If Turkish Airlines does indeed order 600 aircraft as planned, this would be the largest aircraft order in history. Air India recently announced an order for 470 new jets, including aircraft from both Airbus and Boeing. That was otherwise the biggest aircraft order we’ve ever seen in history.

It’s probably just a coincidence, but the timing of this announcement is quite interesting. Türkiye’s presidential election is in a few days, and that could have major implications for the path the country takes going forward (and that also impacts the airline, which is primarily government owned).

Will Turkish Airlines order more Boeing 787s?

What aircraft could Turkish Airlines order?

There’s no real insight yet as to what this aircraft order will look like. My assumption is that this order will be with both Airbus and Boeing. With Turkish Airlines looking to pick up 600 planes, we’ll likely see a little bit of everything.

When it comes to the 200 wide body planes Turkish Airlines plans to order:

  • I think it’s a given that Turkish Airlines will pick up more Airbus A350-900s and Boeing 787-9s, as the airline already has these in its fleet
  • I wouldn’t be surprised to also see some other variants of those jets, like Airbus A350-1000s and Boeing 787-10s
  • I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Turkish Airlines order the Boeing 777-9, as its new flagship aircraft; that aircraft is currently expected to enter service as of 2025, though it has already been delayed by five years, so who really knows

When it comes to the 400 narrow body planes that Turkish Airlines plans to order:

  • I think it’s a given that Turkish Airlines will pick up more Airbus A321neos and Boeing 737 MAX 8s
  • I also expect we’ll see different variants of these jets, including the Airbus A321LR and Boeing 737 MAX 10
  • I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Turkish Airlines order some Airbus A220s, given that there are many markets where this plane could come in handy
  • I suppose it’s also possible that Turkish Airlines may order Embraer E2 jets, though personally I don’t think that’s particularly likely
I imagine Turkish Airlines will order more Boeing 737 MAXs

Bottom line

Turkish Airlines intends to order 600 new jets in June 2023, including 400 narrow body planes and 200 wide body planes. This is part of Turkish Airlines’ goal of doubling in size over the next decade, growing its fleet to well over 800 aircraft. If Turkish Airlines does in fact order 600 planes, this would represent the largest aircraft order in history.

What do you make of Turkish Airlines’ aircraft order?

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