Zodiac Signs as Disney Princesses—Which One Are You?


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Magic never gets old, especially if you grew up watching and singing along to all of the Disney princess movies. You might have wondered which Disney princess you would be after enjoying all of the movies and dressing up as your favorite princesses for Halloween over the years. Luckily, your zodiac sign explains which Disney princess you already are! 

As of right now, Disney has twelve official princesses—Merida, Jasmine, Belle, Aurora, Cinderella, Tiana, Moana, Mulan, Pocahontas, Snow White, Rapunzel and Ariel. While each Disney princess has her own unique story, there are a few overarching characteristics that some of the princesses have that correlate with the astrological elements. Fire signs are bright, vivacious personalities who never back down from a challenge, so these traits mirror the personalities of Merida, Jasmine and Moana. Meanwhile, the air signs are clever, curious individuals with a penchant for adventure, so air signs may resonate with Rapunzel, Cinderella and Mulan. Water signs are known to be kind and empathetic individuals who love deeply, so these zodiac signs may see themselves in Snow White, Ariel and Belle. Then the earth signs share their hardworking attitude to create a beautiful life, which would closely mirror the narratives of Aurora, Pocahontas and Tiana. No matter the Disney princess, there is always something each zodiac sign can take away from a fairytale.

Put on your favorite Disney princess movie to get yourself in the mood to find out if you’re matched with your favorite princess. Keep reading to see what Disney princess you are based on your sun sign, rising sign and/or Venus sign:

The Disney Princess That Matches Each Zodiac Sign


©Walt Disney/courtesy Everett Collection

Nobody should even dare stand in your way once you have set your mind to something, Aries. Your incredible strength and courage are undeniable since your tenacity sets you apart from the other zodiac signs. Like you, Merida is a willful princess who rebels against her parent’s wishes. Merida’s tough, defiant nature makes her hard to pin down, which is similar to your free-spiritedness. Her short temper even matches your own easily frustrated manner! Although you and Merida can be headstrong, your self-reliance is what gets you through any obstacle that comes your way. 

Aurura Sleeping Beauty

©Walt Disney

Taurus, the Disney princess who walked with you once upon a dream is none other than Aurora. Your Venusian nature enhances your grace while enhancing your penchant for romance. Not only do you and Aurora share the same gentle energy, but you also share a deep desire for love. You might even dream of meeting your soulmate while waltzing through the forest, just like Aurora did. Plus, you might even be enticed to prick your finger if it means taking a long nap followed by waking up to a kiss from your true love.

Tangled from Rapunzel

©Walt Disney

As a clever, spirited zodiac sign, your curious nature will always take you on new adventures, Gemini. You can’t help but indulge in your ideas and fantasies since you have such a dynamic personality! Similar to Rapunzel, you both share a zest for life that makes you determined to see the world. You and Rapunzel aren’t afraid to step out of your comfort zones since your playful energy will always encourage you to try something new. Since you and Rapunzel are determined to have fun, this could lead to singing about your dreams or dancing with your true love.

Snow White

©Walt Disney/courtesy Everett Collection

It’s no secret that you’re like the “mom friend” of the zodiac signs, Cancer. You’re a caring, nurturing individual who always wants what’s best for others. As a result, you’re always the first one to help when others need a protective, sweet friend. Your parental energy is best matched with Snow White since Snow White loves and accepts her friends for who they are. Snow White’s kindness is what connects her to you since you both share a pure, gentle heart. Like Snow White, you must also find a close-knit group of friends and a lover who won’t take advantage of your goodwill.

Princess Jasmine from Aladdin

©Walt Disney/courtesy Everett Collection

As a feisty fire sign, you can come across as a little bratty but headstrong, Leo. Royalty is in your blood, so it’s no wonder that you only expect the best. But once your confident, rebellious wall comes down, your secret soft side may be a little surprising. As a multifaceted zodiac sign, you’re perfectly matched with Jasmine since you share this Disney princess’s outgoing attitude and stubbornness. Although both of you may come across as hard to please, this is simply because you and Jasmine both demand the very best!

Elsa Frozen

©Walt Disney/courtesy Everett Collection

Let it go, Virgo. As a perfectionist, you tend to be a little too hard on yourself since you try your best to do good and to be the very best person that you can be. Elsa’s story of trial and triumph may resonate with you since this ice queen struggled with self-acceptance. Through her journey, Elsa had to let go of her insecurities surrounding her magical capabilities. Like Elsa, you might also initially struggle with letting go of your self-criticism. But doing so can help you and Elsa tap into your superpowers!


©Walt Disney/courtesy Everett Collection

There’s no doubt that you can have the patience of a saint, Libra. After all, you’re the sign of the scales, so maintaining balance is important to you. Similar to you, Cinderella tries her hardest to keep the peace even if it means doing all the chores for her stepmother and step-sisters. However, when you and Cinderella set aside your due diligence to focus on yourself, this may cause a little bit of a stir. But putting your dreams first could lead to finding a Prince Charming and becoming a princess, just like Cinderella did!


©Walt Disney

You’re no stranger to intense transformations to become the person that you want to be, Scorpio. Intrigue and strong will are all that you need to accomplish anything you set your mind to. This is why Ariel is your Disney princess match! Both you and Ariel share a deep desire to venture into the unknown, even if what you want to do is a little out of the normal for most people. Although it might be scary to go through so many changes in your journey, you and Ariel will feel more empowered thanks to your metamorphosis. 


©Walt Disney

How far will you go, Sagittarius? Between your restlessness and desire for adventure, the world is your oyster. Your fearlessness makes you incredibly capable, so you may not have any apprehension when embarking on a new journey. Of all the Disney princesses, Moana is the one who shares your courage and independence. Moana is a truly unique princess because she’s driven to prove herself as more than just a princess. Like Moana, you also have an innate desire to always outdo yourself by taking on new risks. Nobody else can compare when you and Moana refuse to back down from a challenge! 


©Walt Disney/courtesy Everett Collection

As a hardworking earth sign, your career and reputation will always come first, Capricorn. After all, your ambitious nature is admirable since you can achieve so much. The Disney princess who shares your strong work ethic and desire to make something of herself is none other than Tiana. Both of you shared a steadfastness that’s hard to beat since you both are persistent in honoring whatever you set out to do. Despite being accomplished thanks to your talents, you and Tiana are also surprisingly down-to-earth, which may not be something that one would expect given your maturity.


©Walt Disney

Going against the grain is your jam, Aquarius. As an unconventional air sign, you like to do things your way, which may come across as a little quirky or eccentric to others. But marching to the beat of your drum is what you and your Disney counterpart, Mulan, do best. Similar to you, Mulan does what she feels is right even though she risks becoming an outcast. Taking such a risk to join the army under false pretenses does pay off though, so Mulan’s bravery may inspire you to be confident with your out-of-the-box ideas!


©Walt Disney

Love is more than what meets the eye. Pisces, you’re well-known for your unconditional love and compassion since your intuitiveness allows you to see the innate beauty in others. While it may take a little bit of time, you always know when someone is a genuinely kind person. Like you, Belle shares your ability to look past someone’s physical attributes or circumstances to find the good in them. You and Belle are incredibly comfortable with getting to know someone on a deeper level since you both have an open mind when it comes to love.

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